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Germany Secretly Feeds U.s. Info On Possible Jihadists

officials made a series of visits to Europe, and CIA station chiefs were told that getting details on foreign fighters from their European counterparts had become the number one priority, a former senior U.S. intelligence official said. Most of the data has been obtained merely by asking, the former official said. But U.S. spy agencies have also stolen such information from reluctant counterparts, according to the official, who said that in some cases we swipe it. At the NCTC, the database of foreign fighters is revised upward almost constantly, officials said, like a ticking odometer. Records on specific identities are filled out blog by teams of analysts sifting through the torrent of social-media postings from Syria, as well as the vast repositories of data extracted from Google, Facebook and other companies under PRISM and other programs revealed by Snowden. Germany has turned over information on all of the approximately 550 departed fighters it has identified, although officials said there are undoubtedly many more http://lumunguianw.inube.com they dont yet know about. In doing so, .. [read more] Germany has essentially marked its departed citizens as surveillance targets for U.S.
More: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/germany-secretly-feeds-us-info-on-possible-jihadists/ar-BBhkC9I?srcref=rss

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