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Workout Climate May Have Impact On Appetite - Nashuatelegraph.com

While the thermometer has been approaching 50 the last two days, its a safe bet that your gym, or preferred place of exercise, is a lot warmer. The study was a joint (visit site) effort by Englands University of Birmingham and the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. In order to find out if more ambient temperature affected appetite and eating habits after a workout, researchers gathered a group of overweight men and women, and had them walk on a treadmill. First, the group walked at a moderate pace for 45 minutes in a room that was set at 68 degrees. Then, they had the group repeat everything pace, time, clothing and dropped the temperature down to 46 degrees. The humidity in the room was set at 40 percent both times. After the group was done walking, researchers had each person sit for 45 minutes as blood was drawn to check for appetite hormones. Everyone was then told to chow down on a buffet, and unknown to the subjects, their portions and selections were being monitored.
Full story: http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/sports/localsports/1054154-457/workout-climate-may-have-impact-on-appetite.html

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