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Workout Wednesday: P90x And Insanity

Straight leg drops The straight leg drop is a popular exercise, but not one that everyone should do when starting out. A safer option is to bend the knees and pump the legs 'windmill style'. You can also place a towel under the low back and press down on it. When you lose pressure on the towel, you'll know your low back is losing control. Push-ups One arm push-ups can be dangerous and overwhelming. Instead, try a one arm plank with very wide foot position. Hold that and maintain good shoulder position for most of the benefits and none of the risk. Tuck Jumps Jumping and click here! tucking can be traumatic for low backs, the dynamic rounding visit of the back can cause instability and be a source of future problems.
Full story: http://www.9news.com/story/news/health/2014/12/17/p90x-insanity/20530867/

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